General Keane on Milley’s phone calls to China: media take it “out of context”

Ret. General Jack Keane joined “The Story” to share his thoughts on the latest story on reported calls by General Mark Milley in China and argued that the media had “sensationalized” the story.

General Jack Keane: I think responsible actions are taken, not the other way around. From what the Pentagon reports and the comments we get from Jennifer Griffin and I trust her and her sources, by the way, they have been flawless in the past and I take them at face value here, I do not see anything that undermines civilian control of the army. If you take the facts that are reported and think I get sensationalized in the media. But that’s not what the Pentagon is reporting. It seems to be pretty much in line with what we’re used to seeing. The other thing is, I mean, I don’t know how many times we have to learn this lesson. It would be much better if people serve the government not to tell the media about things that are going on in government, especially such sensitive things that we are dealing with here. Because they tend to be taken out of context completely as we can see here. The other thing is, I guess General Milley will not come forward himself because he will be dealing with this matter on September 28 with the senators. He probably doesn’t want to overthrow their authority. They will have a lot of questions about this and what happened in Afghanistan. So I think we’ll get all the facts about it. I would be surprised if this is anything more than what we are seeing right now.


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