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Geert Wilders says he is on the verge of forming a right-wing government in the Netherlands – POLITICO

While Wilders has moderated some of his extreme remarks and agreed in March not to pursue the role of prime minister, a PVV-led coalition including Rutte’s center-right People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy, the centrist New Social Contract party and the populist Farmers’ Party protest party BoerBurgerBeweging would nevertheless represent a major change for the Netherlands.

Wilders had been systematically excluded from government by outgoing center-right Prime Minister Mark Rutte over the past decade.

After Rutte announced his withdrawal from Dutch politics last year, Wilders capitalized on anti-immigration sentiment – ​​blaming the housing shortage on the influx of asylum seekers – to secure electoral victory.

Although details of the government deal have not yet been disclosed, the new administration is expected to introduce stricter asylum and migration policies.

Negotiators are expected to continue Wednesday to finalize the deal and allow all factions to provide feedback before the midnight deadline for negotiations.

Wilders is expected to reveal his preferred candidate for prime minister on Wednesday, who could be from any party in the planned coalition.


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