Galaxy S25 Ultra reportedly ditches sharp corners

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 12

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  • The Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra could have more rounded corners than the S24 Ultra, according to leaker IceUniverse.
  • The phone will still retain a square design, just with corners that aren’t as sharp.

The Samsung Galaxy S25 isn’t even out yet, but that hasn’t stopped the rumors from swirling. We’ve already heard multiple reports that Samsung could be bringing a noticeable design refresh to the entire S25 series. Now, Ice Universe has reported on X (formerly Twitter) that the Galaxy S25 Ultra could have much more rounded corners than before. To be clear, it’s still very likely that the S25 Ultra will stick with a square design, as that’s become an iconic part of its look at this point. Simply put, the corners probably won’t be as sharp.

Even though the famous leaker doesn’t provide more details about the design, we wouldn’t be surprised by this change. Not only does this match previous claims that the Ultra will have a reworked design with changes to the bezels and frame, but it also addresses an issue some users had with the corners of the S24 Ultra. With this phone, continued use may press on the sides of softer hands, leaving a temporary mark and resulting in a less comfortable experience.

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We don’t expect the Galaxy S25 series to launch until January, but we already know a lot about it. We’re relatively certain that it’ll see only a few minor camera upgrades, for example, and that it could get a next-gen display that allows for fingerprint scanning anywhere on the screen. We’ll likely learn even more about the phone in the coming months.

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