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Galaxy S24 base model performance may suffer a bit due to cost-cutting measures

With the exception of the 128 GB Galaxy S23, all Galaxy S23 the range has UFS 4.0 storage and a new rumor suggests that the base Galaxy S24 will continue to have UFS 3.1.
The performance of a smartphone does not only depend on the chipset it contains. Since it stands to reason that the Galaxy S24 series will be powered by either the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 or the in-house Exynos 2400 – depending on the region – the phones will undoubtedly be among the fastest handsets on the market. But the 128 GB Galaxy S24 might be a little less efficient than its stablemates.
Longtime South Korean leaker,eyes1122,apparently learned from a parts manufacturer that the 128GB Galaxy S24 will have UFS 3.1, while all other models will have the more modern UFS 4.0 technology.

UFS 4.0 is faster than UFS 3.1, delivering twice the sequential read speed and more than twice the sequential write speed. It also consumes 46% less power than UFS 3.1.

For a user, this translates to faster loading times for apps and games. UFS 4.0 also increases the speed at which files are saved. This also benefits memory-intensive applications.
Many recent flagships, including OnePlus 11, use UFS 4.0, but some, including the Pixel 8, feature UFS 3.1.

Currently, UFS 3.1 is not a break and most users will not experience any difference. That said, since UFS 4.0 is a newer technology, it is better from a future-proofing perspective.

All standard Galaxy S24 The models are also rumored to have 8GB of RAM, while the Plus and Ultra models will have 12GB of RAM, although there is a slight possibility that the vanilla models will have 12GB of RAM in some areas.

We won’t guess for too long since Samsung will likely announce the phones on January 17th.

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