French prosecutor opens probe against Macron’s former PM Edouard Philippe

PARIS — The town hall of the Normandy port city of Le Havre was raided by police on Wednesday, as investigators probe the city’s mayor, Edouard Philippe, accused of a series of alleged wrongdoing, including harassment and embezzlement of public funds, reported Le Monde. .

According to the French daily, the financial prosecutor’s office is investigating a multi-year agreement signed by Philippe — who was Prime Minister under the presidency of Emmanuel Macron from 2017 to 2020 — and Stéphanie de Bazelaire, one of his deputy mayors. The agreement entrusts a non-profit association chaired by de Bazelaire with the mission of managing the Le Havre innovation center, specifies Le Monde.

The investigation was opened after a former employee of the Metropolitan Community, whose contract was not renewed by Philippe, filed a complaint in September.

In a press release, the city of Le Havre confirmed this search, which it describes as “usual in this type of investigation”.

Philippe was the first prime minister appointed by Macron after his election and remains France’s most popular politician, according to an Ipsos poll published last month.

He is also considered a likely candidate for the 2027 presidential election. In February, Philippe told a local radio station that he was “preparing” ahead of the vote.


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