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Freezing temperatures and snow possible

More than a foot of snow fell in Colorado following a severe storm that brought high winds and the first freezing temperatures to much of the region. Weather warnings have been issued statewide and people have been warned to stay alert for rapidly changing conditions.

The storm will move south across the northern plains throughout Wednesday evening, giving way to a brief period of clear weather before a more disruptive front Thursday.

Temperatures will drop on Thursday as a second storm sweeps through the state from the Pacific Northwest. This front will bring with it a new layer of snow and below average temperatures for this time of year. Forecasters warn the urban corridor could be affected by light snow showers Thursday evening.


Although temperatures fell below zero in parts of the plains on Wednesday morning, much of the metropolitan area hovered above it. However, Thursday could mark the start of the cold season for many, with areas like Palmer Divide and other places in the Foothills likely to fall below zero.

Thursday will likely be Denver’s coldest day since May 11, when temperatures did not exceed 43 degrees. For most people in the Denver area, temperatures will not exceed 50 degrees, with Boulder’s NWS likely not to exceed 49 degrees. The Foothills and Palmer Divide will be even cooler, with highs in the 1930s and troughs in the 40s.

It will be a similar story Friday morning, with temperatures likely to drop to as low as 25 degrees in the Denver area. If temperatures don’t exceed 28 degrees in the city, Friday will be the coldest day since April 15. Temperatures in the Foothills and Palmer Ridge areas are likely to drop into the teens and twenties.

Temperatures will struggle to rebound on Friday, but in the afternoon forecasters say things should have warmed up a bit more than Thursday.

Saturday morning low temperatures in Denver will remain around 25 degrees, with the afternoon bringing sunshine and highs over 60 degrees. This will bring us closer to the seasonal averages. It will be a bit colder in the foothills and mountainous regions, with peaks expected in the 1950s.

Snow Luck Front Range

In addition to the cold temperatures, the system will likely bring in excess humidity, which will begin to fall as snow in the mountains from Thursday morning. Cloud cover will develop over Denver, setting the stage for a light, icy rain from 1pm.

In the foothills including Nederland, Estes Park and Conifer, it will likely start as snow but quickly turn to rain. A similar story will unfold along the Palmer Divide, affecting areas such as Castle Rock and Monument. As temperatures cool in Denver, light rain is likely to turn to snow in the early evening. It should go away at midnight.