France on two fronts: New wave of terror attacks ahead of return to lockdown

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Hours before France goes back to lockdown it is back to maximum terror alert level. The third terror attack in just over a month targeting a church in Nice. Three killed in a knifing spree, a wounded suspect in custody. After Emmanuel Macron’s defense of the republishing of Charlie Hebdo cartoons of the prophet and a boycott movement in the Muslim world, what response to the latest attack? The choice of words matters.

To accurate reflect the national mood, particularly when it is back to near-total confinement, and for at least the next four weeks: less time with loved ones, colleagues and friends and more time in front of screens. More broadly, what are the lessons learned from the Spring, not only when it comes to public health but now as the weather turns cold and with Christmas vacation compromised, how we treat each other – young and old – and avoid a siege mentality?

Produced by Freddie Gower, Juliette Laurain and Imen Mellaz.

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