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Fox Boosts COVID-19 Workplace Safety, Gets White House Boost

Fox told his employees he would apply daily COVID-19 tests for the few who were not vaccinated, earning praise from the White House on Tuesday.

In a note distributed after President Joe Biden announced tighter security mandates for companies, Fox Corp. human resources director Kevin Lord said he was “happy” to announce an inoculation rate. more than 90% robust for the company, which oversees the vaccine. disparaging Fox News.

“Soon we will be introducing another important health and safety measure for access to our facilities – daily COVID testing for the small group of employees who are not vaccinated or have not provided their immunization status,” said Lord wrote in the letter, shared by CNN’s Oliver Darcy. “We appreciate your continued cooperation as we work together in the best interests of our common well-being. “

The company’s stance towards its employees stands in stark contrast to the chatter of its prime-time hosts on Fox News. Many have consistently cast doubt on the vaccine and criticized the mask warrants. Tucker Carlson, perhaps the network’s most visible figure, has even supported the use of bogus vaccination cards to bend the rules. A chorus of discontent has also arisen from the right-wing channel over Biden’s new order that companies with 100 or more workers must have all employees vaccinated or tested every week.

But it seems Fox did better than the administration mandated and 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. had noticed.

“Today’s Fox News follows a trend we’re seeing across the country: Vaccination and testing requirements are working,” a White House spokesperson told CNN’s Darcy. “We are pleased that they have come together to protect their workforce and strengthen the economy, and we encourage them to communicate to their audiences that these types of practices will protect their employees, their communities and the economy. “


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