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Former NATO chief pleads for more aid to Ukraine: ‘Their cause is just’

James Stavridis, former NATO supreme allied commander, made a plea for more aid to Ukraine, expressing concern and calling the country’s cause just.

“This is a very dangerous situation and the real action here is not taking place in kyiv. The real action is happening in Washington,” Stavridis said on the “Cats Roundtable” radio show, hosted by John Catsimatidis, on Sunday. “We must provide military support to Ukraine. Their cause is just.

Stavridis went on to claim that half of Russia’s military was destroyed, with no American soldiers killed “or even put in harm’s way,” and that the country did so with “the equivalent of 5 percent.” » of the annual American defense budget.

“We can afford it, and we should.” So I only worry about the war in Ukraine if the United States and our European allies do not honor the commitment we made to support Ukraine,” he said.

Congress is unlikely to reconvene before the new year, delaying negotiations on an aid package for Ukraine until 2024.

Ukrainians are bracing for a tough winter as military operations slow, troops are forced to conserve ammunition and Russian attacks continue to hit energy infrastructure, The Hill previously reported.

Several Ukrainian officials asked for help and stressed that they would not be able to defend themselves anytime soon.

President Biden has requested $61 billion to be sent to Ukraine, but the money is being held up as Republican lawmakers say they won’t pass a package without first paying more attention to the southern border from the country.

The White House has warned that it will run out of money to send to Ukraine on December 30, but its members are unlikely to return from their vacation before then.

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