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Former Commanders minority owner Robert Rothman pursues sale of team

Daniel Snyder is gone. But he will not be forgotten. For various reasons.

One of those reasons comes from a new lawsuit filed by former minority partner Robert Rothman. Via the Washington PostRothman sued Bank of America and others over the sale of his stake in the team in 2021.

After a long period of ugliness between former majority owner Daniel Snyder and three prominent minority partners – Rothman, Fred Smith and Dwight Schar – they sold their 40% of the team to Snyder for $875 million. Two years later, Snyder sold the entire team to a group led by Josh Harris for more than $6 billion.

The dispute stems from allegedly divided loyalties to Bank of America, which had a relationship with Rothman and also handled the sale of the Commanders. Rothman alleges that Snyder and Bank of America conspired to allow Snyder to purchase 40 percent of the team at a discount, before selling everything at market value.

The civil complaint alleges that Snyder, at one point, “commented privately and publicly that no one could ‘fuck with me’ and that he ‘insinuated that he would use the ‘dirt’ he had accumulated on individuals, including but not limited to. to NFL owners, the NFL commissioner and other business people associated with the NFL.

Bank of America denies all allegations. As companies that get sued usually do.

The dispute will have no impact on the current status of the team. The fight will be whether and to what extent liability arises from anything that happened or did not happen in connection with the sale of the team.

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