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Former burglars reveal the 5 things they look for when targeting homes after Christmas

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The holiday season brings joy, family gatherings, and lots of fun new toys for adults and children to play with.

Unfortunately, with the festivities and gift-giving comes the darker side of an increase in criminal activity.

To ensure your holiday season stays merry and safe, former burglars have shared their views on the top five vulnerabilities they target during Christmas.

1. Dispose of packaging wisely

The sight of an empty package can be an advertisement of your valuable new goods inside.

Ex-offenders advise against leaving boxes outside, suggesting that even the packaging of cheaper items can attract burglars.

Consider keeping gifts out of sight, dismantling boxes or taking them directly to recycling centers.

Former thieves have shared tips on how to protect your home from burglaries after Christmas. Shutterstock

2. Secure exterior objects

Useful items left outside can inadvertently help burglars.

Ex-offenders note the potential use of wheelie bins to scale fences or walls.

Keep bins behind locked doors and use weather-resistant padlocks to secure outdoor storage if you can.

Prohibiting access to tools and securing outdoor spaces helps thwart burglary attempts.

3. Pay attention to social networks

Avoid posting your vacation plans on social media.

Former burglars reveal they use platforms like Facebook and Instagram to identify unoccupied homes.

Be careful to announce your absence and wait until you get home to share vacation photos, especially by paying attention to geolocation which reveals your location.

4. Turn on the lights

Outdoor lighting serves more than just a festive decoration: it deters burglars by eliminating potential hiding places.

Ex-offenders admit that lights illuminating walkways and gardens reduce blind spots.

Security lights, CCTV systems and burglar alarms are practical and sometimes inexpensive deterrents during long nights, especially when away from home.

5. Lock down to stay safe

The simplest but most effective measure is to lock doors and windows.

Opportunistic burglars often target homes with unlocked entry points.

It is important to secure doors and gates with mortise locks, which makes them tamper-proof.

Also be careful where you keep keys, especially if your door has a mailbox, as cunning thieves may try to get keys from inside doors.

Follow these insider tips this holiday season to protect your home and ensure a festive celebration without unwanted surprises.

Stay safe and may your Christmas be both merry and safe.

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