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Florida mother left child in hospital with strangers, cops say


A Florida mother has been arrested after abandoning her 2-year-old daughter in a hospital, police said.

Carolina Vizcarra, 33, left her 2-year-old daughter at Mercy Hospital in Miami on Tuesday with two strangers – including a Miami cop in civilian clothes and off duty – while asking if they could watch her while she was going to the bathroom, the police mentioned.

Vizcarra, of North Miami, also gave the cop his daughter’s Social Security card before walking away, according to an arrest report obtained by The Post.

“You don’t have to do this,” the unidentified witness told Vizcarra while following her, police said.

“Leave me alone,” Vizcarra replied as she left the hospital, according to the arrest report.

Miami Police tweeted a photo of the girl, who appeared to be in good health, while hugging a teddy bear later Tuesday afternoon. Department officials were seeking public assistance in locating the girl’s relatives while she remained in the care of child welfare officials.

Carolina Vizcarra gave her two-year-old daughter to two strangers, including a police officer on leave, on October 12, 2021.
Miami Police Department

Cops have also issued an alert for officers to be on the lookout for Vizcarra. Later Tuesday, detectives received a call saying she was in hospital looking for her daughter, according to the arrest report.

The appellant described the black shirt and black leggings Vizcarra wore earlier today. The cops then returned to the hospital and arrested her on child abandonment charges, police said.

“It’s not like I just left her,” Vizcarra told the officer, according to his arrest report. “It’s a hospital and I was worried about her. I thought I was going to sleep on the street, but not her.

It is not known who will ultimately get custody of Vizcarra’s daughter, WPLG reported.

“She is entrusting this child to this unknown man,” Miami police officer Kenia Fallat told the station. “Luckily he was a cop and what went through his mind as he went into cop mode.”

The officer “immediately called for help” after the girl was left behind. Investigators are currently reviewing surveillance footage from hospitals, WPLG reported.

“We want to know what his mental state was,” Fallat said. “We want to know what she was thinking when she handed her child over to this unknown man.”

State law protects parents who leave children in hospitals, fire stations or emergency medical centers, but only if they are newborns under the age of one week, WPLG reported .