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Flight attendant predicts if fliers are ‘sweet,’ ‘chug beers’ or if they shower just by their shoes

A Spirit Airlines flight attendant has revealed the unique way she can tell if a traveler is “sweet”, “drank two to three beers” or showered before a flight – simply by seeing which shoes he wears.

“Here’s what I assume about you, based on the shoes you’re wearing on the plane, from a flight attendant for five years,” Cheryl Killough said in a viral TikTok clip in March, which generated a million views.

As a pair of white New Balance sneakers appear, Killough associates them with a guy who “probably hasn’t been on a plane in eight years, but will be the nicest man I’ve ever met in my life.” life “.

Cheryl Killough can tell everything about an aviator’s personality just by the shoes they wear. @cherdallas/TikTok

While walking the line, Killough drew a parallel with a pair of slip-on shoes and a passenger drinking beer.

“I know exactly who you voted for, and chances are you’ve already had two or three beers at the airport,” she joked.

Killough even took aim at the Crocs community, saying that a person choosing to wear the popular shoes, casual shoes with holes in them, “probably didn’t shower” before boarding.

Killough paired a pair of white New Balance sneakers with a guy who “probably hasn’t flown in eight years” but will be the nicest person. New balance

“You didn’t shower before this flight and your sweatpants probably have a stain on them,” she says.

Viewers were sent into a frenzy by the video, forcing the five-year-old flight attendant to make a series of videos dedicated to the combination of personalities and shoes worn by travelers.

In one of the companion videos, Killough describes a person wearing brown fisherman sandals as a mother of six who is the “epitome of hardcore.”

Killough drew a parallel with a pair of slip-on shoes for a beer-drinking passenger. Hi guy
Killough described the Crocs-wearing passengers as those who, most likely, “didn’t take a shower” before boarding. mynewtortue – stock.adobe.com

“She will line you up with her six children and chew you out the same way she does each of them. She’s not afraid,” Killough said emphatically.

Some travelers thought Killough preached so much truth about what she said that they felt “embarrassed” about their shoe choices in the future.

“I’ve never been embarrassed by anything, but this makes me nervous about flying,” one person commented.

“Damn… my fangs,” one respondent jokingly blurted out in embarrassment.

More chaos erupted in the comments section in response to Killough’s shot at the Crocs community, with some becoming increasingly defensive.

“No! I wear Crocs because it’s easier to pass TSA and they’re comfortable for a lot of walking,” one Crocs wearer responded.

“I wear Crocs 95% of the time…I would never fly without having a fresh shower and wearing totally clean clothes!” said another defensive commenter.

New York Post

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