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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has an almost shot-for-shot recreation of an infamous flashback

One of the big draws of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is how the sequel is preparing to explore whole new territory now that the Midgar portion of the original is complete. This doesn’t mean the game’s established lore is abandoned, as one of the 1997 RPG’s most pivotal moments has been faithfully recreated and is available in the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo.

For anyone familiar with the game, you will know how important Nibelheim is to the story of Final Fantasy 7. The destruction of this city triggered several events, but it is perhaps best known for being the incident during from which Sephiroth turns on his heels. , murdering the townspeople and turning their backs on the player in an iconic and fiery scene.

YouTuber FinalFanTV noticed the similarities between this scene and the original PS1 version and juxtaposed them against each other in a video. Overall it’s an almost shot-for-shot reenactment, capturing some of the big and small moments of this flashback. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth expands on this chapter in more detail, but it’s fascinating to see the Nibelheim Incident given a faithful remake, similar to how the first game in this trilogy remade the iconic Assault of Avalanche on Shinra from Midgar Station.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is coming to PS5 on February 29, and ahead of its release this month, Square Enix has shared more details about the game. You can check out GameSpot’s Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth preview for a closer look at how this sequel expands on the first game with more activities, improved gameplay, and a Folio system that grants party members new combat abilities. One thing Square Enix doesn’t talk about? The game ends in the City of the Ancients and the fate of one character in particular.

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