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Fights at Greek Ridge Mall spark rapid law enforcement response

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GREECE, NY – Law enforcement officials remain confident in the security framework in place to keep shoppers safe after fights forced the Grece Ridge Mall to close Tuesday evening.

Nestled inside the Grece Ridge Mall is an area where security is monitored 24/7.

Greek Police Chief Michael Wood said the security monitoring system in place at the mall is the product of ongoing coordination between local police and mall security.

“We didn’t create this in two days. This has been in place for some time. We have had an active and very good partnership with the mall and its management for some time now,” Wood said.

From cameras monitoring each building to facial recognition technology, Chief Wood said the mall police station is an invaluable asset.

“That’s why we were able to resolve the situation so effectively the other night.” We had four police officers on scene working here that evening during the holiday season and they were able to quickly identify the problem, see how quickly it was getting out of control and call for help,” Wood said.

Tuesday evening, between 150 and 200 teenagers caused a disturbance at the Grece Ridge Mall.

Wilmorite Property security personnel alerted at least five law enforcement agencies when the teens refused to leave.

It was a quick response that Greek police officer Katelyn Brado said would not have been possible without daily coordination with mall security.

“This allows us to police here at Grec Ridge Mall instead of having to also go to our headquarters and police station. We are able to handle things properly in the moment,” Brado said.

Brado said police support the mall’s decision to impose a curfew through New Year’s Day, which will require anyone age 19 or younger to be accompanied by an adult when entering in the shopping center after 4 p.m.

“We have taken several actions in response to this. As far as what the mall ownership is going to do on their end, we are here to support them in whatever initiatives they choose to take in that area,” Brado said.

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