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FBI uses explosives, drones to execute search warrant on Lincoln Square home – NBC Chicago

Federal agents raided a home in the 2200 block of West Farragut Avenue in Lincoln Square Thursday morning.

Around 7 a.m., FBI agents gathered outside a two-story home with a search warrant. They used three flash-bang explosives, neighbors said.

“FBI-Chicago was engaged in court-authorized activity in this neighborhood this morning. There is currently no known threat to public safety,” an FBI spokesperson said in an email.

Neighbors said the FBI announced itself over loudspeakers, saying, “Please come out!” Video footage shows the officers in camouflage gear and an armored vehicle parked outside the house.

A neighbor, who declined to be identified, was waking up when she heard a “boom” and orders from the FBI.

“At first I thought it was radio,” she said. “Everyone was stunned.”

The FBI fired through the window of the house, but the neighbor did not see anyone being shot. Neighbors also saw a drone enter the house.

According to the neighbor, the granddaughter, who lived in the house, shouted: “Don’t let them in or we will go to jail.”

Another neighbor said the granddaughter came out of the house with a baby and got into an unmarked FBI vehicle.

The local police district “was not informed prior to the search,” said Ald. André Vasquez (40th) in a press release. “We continue to follow up and will share updates as we receive them.”

The family who lived in the house was “wonderful” and attended block parties, neighbors said. The family spans generations: a grandmother, a daughter, a son-in-law, a granddaughter and the granddaughter’s baby, neighbors said.

Neighbors said police activity on the street was rare, describing it as “quiet” and “family-friendly.” A neighbor spent the morning wondering, “Why are there so many FBI agents?” »

But by the afternoon, federal agents were no longer there. Residents walked their dogs and neighbors sat on their lawns.

“It was hard to concentrate,” one neighbor said. “Our dogs were petrified.”

NBC Chicago

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