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Factbox-What happens if an Iranian president dies while in office?

(Reuters) – Iranian rescuers were racing on Sunday to find the crash site of a helicopter carrying the president. Ebrahim Raïssi to know the fate of all those on board. Below is a brief overview of what, according to the Iranian constitution, happens if a president is incapacitated or dies in office:

* According to article 131 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic, if a president dies during his term of office, the first vice-president takes over, with the confirmation of the supreme leader, who has the final say in all affairs of the state.

* A council composed of the first vice president, the president of Parliament and the head of the judiciary must organize the election of a new president within a maximum period of 50 days.

Raïssi was elected president in 2021 and, according to the current calendar, presidential elections are expected to take place in 2025.

(Edited by Edmund Blair)


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