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Face the Nation: Markarova, Krebs, Gates

Face the nation: Markarova, Krebs, Gates FR24 News English

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Did you miss the second half of the show? The latest… Oksana Markarova told “Face the Nation” that even if the United States provides weapons, “there is no such thing as fast enough when we are facing such a bad enemy and we We must make up for such a long delay. pause in weapons orders,” Chris Krebs, told “Face the Nation” that while there likely won’t be “a single AI-enabled catastrophic event” threatening the 2024 election, he predicts a “constant drumbeat where we, where the voters, the public are simply going to lose confidence in the global information ecosystem,” and former Defense Secretary Robert Gates told Face the Nation that “I’m not even going to start going there” about voting for former President Donald Trump. in 2024, of which he wrote that “disdain for allies, penchant for authoritarian leaders and erratic behavior have undermined its credibility.”

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