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Explosion hits Greek ship en route to Ukraine – POLITICO

ATHENS — A Greek cargo ship hit a mine in the Black Sea on Wednesday while heading to Ukraine to be loaded with grain.

The Panama-flagged ship “Vyssos” was heading to the Ukrainian port of Izmail when it struck the explosive device in the Danube Delta in the Black Sea, according to several Greek officials interviewed by POLITICO.

The resulting explosion caused damage to the ship and a small fire, while lightly injuring two Greek sailors and an Egyptian cook, officials said.

Ukrainian authorities dispatched rescuers and medics to the ship where they treated the injured crew, the officials added.

The ship is now heading to Izmail port accompanied by tugboats and is expected to arrive on Friday.

A U.N.-brokered deal in which Russia agreed not to attack grain ships or port infrastructure collapsed in July, with Moscow launching a powerful rocket barrage that destroyed Ukrainian warehouses full of goods just a few days ago. just hours after the Kremlin unilaterally withdrew from the agreement. Moscow’s forces continued to attack Ukraine’s Black Sea ports with missiles and drones in the following months.

However, kyiv has since moved to challenge the Kremlin’s control of the Black Sea and established a “humanitarian corridor” providing safe passage for container ships using routes through the mine-strewn shipping lanes.

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