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Exclusive photos from the 2024 GLAAD Media Awards in New York

At the 35th annual GLAAD Media Awards in New York on Saturday, Jennifer Lawrence had the audience – a room full of journalists, celebrities, politicians and LGBTQ+ pioneers – a little gagged, hooting and screaming over a joke Sharp and timely on conversion therapy.

“I love the gay community. In fact, I was in love with a homosexual. He was my first love,” Lawrence said on stage before presenting the Vito Russo Award to his “dear friend,” country musician Orville Peck. “I tried to convert him for years and now I know conversion therapy doesn’t work. Did you hear me, Mike Pence? I said conversion therapy wasn’t real, even though I know you think it worked on you.

All joking aside, the glamorous fundraiser was a success, with more than $300,000 raised in real time to help fund the nonprofit’s advocacy efforts for LGBTQ+ communities. The list of celebrities inside was A-list: from Lawrence, to host Ross Matthews, to honoree Jennifer Hudson, to Uma Thurman, Beanie Feldstein, Don Lemon, Taylor Zakhar Perez, Laverne Cox and more. who looked like all the old ones. RuPaul’s Drag Race competitor under the sun.

And while, yes, attracting celebrities grouped together in one location often helps nonprofits like GLAAD generate critical media coverage, the messages shared on stage were the real stars of the show. “Laverne (Cox) and I have a message for trans youth,” Jazz Jennings said. “You are loved. We are here for you and we are doing everything we can to accelerate your acceptance.

Jennings’ sentiment is poignant. According to a national survey conducted by GLAAD in January, 53 percent of registered voters and Americans “likely to vote” would oppose “a political candidate (who) frequently talks about restricting access to health care and participation in sports or young transgender people”.

Among other key findings? Seventy-six percent of registered voters think “Republicans should stop focusing on restricting women’s rights and banning medical care for transgender youth and instead focus on fighting inflation, creating employment and health care costs.

The issue of protecting trans youth was certainly a hot topic of conversation among guests at Saturday’s event. That is why In the style closely followed trans, non-binary and queer attendees behind the scenes, catching glimpses of individuals using their platform to make noise and make a positive impact.


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