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[Exclusif] Bitten nearly sixty times in Quimper: “I keep seeing these mastiffs with their mouths open” – Quimper


“It must have been 6:30 pm on Tuesday, I had just come home from work. As the weather was fine, I decided to have a beer on a bench, near the flower beds, just behind the Quimper media library. And that’s where a marginal came in with her two dogs, a beige pitbull type with black spots and another brown and smaller American Staff style. Initially, they were tied up, so it was going well. But at one point, she left them both unleashed and muzzled. I pointed out to her with a smile, and she lifted her tone, telling me that if I spoke again her dogs would attack. I got up from the bench, I felt that his dogs were not in a normal state. The bigger one immediately jumped over the bench and rushed at me. I protected my face with my arm, he grabbed it in his mouth. The other dog grabbed my right leg and I fell ”.

Place François-Mitterrand in Quimper. (The Telegram / Yves Madec)

The attack

“It lasted about twenty minutes, I assure you. And the owner didn’t try to hold them back, at least initially. I was carried from one bench to another, I ended up in the bushes. They wouldn’t let go of me. I was protecting my head. I heard people who tried to intervene but could not. When two big dogs attack, what do you want to do? The owner tried to intervene at one point, but her dog dragged her, her legs were injured. Towards the end, the big dog grabbed my ear and I felt it go. I remember I was screaming, I was screaming, help me. I no longer felt my hands. People were injured intervening to save me. The dogs finally gave up, but I don’t know why or how. Witnesses put me in a lateral safety position and help arrived ”.

[Exclusif] Bitten nearly sixty times in Quimper: “I keep seeing these mastiffs with their mouths open” – Quimper
(The Telegram / Yves Madec)

His wounds

“The rescuers recovered my piece of ear on the spot and they sewn it back on me as soon as I arrived in the emergency room. I have 200 stitches on my ear. A doctor told me there was only a 2% chance the operation would take. I also have about 50 other stitches on the rest of my body. I stayed on the operating table until one in the morning. I have bites everywhere, about sixty at least, on the arms, legs, neck, back, stomach… The tendon of my right hand is affected, I no longer have any sensation on the last fingers ”.

The moral

“When I think she just had to tie up her dogs. Imagine if it was a little girl or a grandmother passing by, they would be dead. I had never had a problem with dogs, I even had one. And in the three years that I have lived in Quimper, this is not the first time that I have found myself like this next to animals in Quimper. But I don’t want it at all. When I close my eyes, I keep seeing these mastiffs coming up to me with their mouths open, and coming back, and coming back again. And I wonder when is it going to stop ”.

His situation

“I have been an interim welder at Concarneau for six months. My contract was to last at least until January. There I find myself at least three months without a job. This is the start of a lot of problems I think. But I should be out of the hospital on the weekend. And I am alive ”.

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