Ex-Trump prosecutor Nathan Wade denies paying child support: filing

Scandal-riddled special prosecutor Nathan Wade — who was hired by former flame Fani Willis to handle an election rigging case against former President Trump — skimped on paying child support and 4 $400 for ex-wife’s emergency medical procedures, new divorce says. deposit.

Jocelyn Wade accused her estranged husband Wednesday of refusing to pay child support for their two children, leaving them without money to pay rent and take care of Jocelyn’s medical issues.

“The defendant is in urgent need of medical procedures, namely an endoscopy, colonoscopy, and ultrasound, due to the severe physical symptoms she has endured,” according to a new filing in Cobb County Superior Court .

Former special prosecutor Nathan Wade allegedly failed to pay child support or help his ex-wife pay her medical bills. Alex Siltz/Pool via USA TODAY NETWORK

“These symptoms significantly impacted his ability to consume most foods, resulting in substantial weight loss.”

The ex-wife’s already thin condition worsens, leaving her fearing she may need “emergency intervention.”

The scathing accusations against Wade come just weeks after he resigned as lead prosecutor in the Georgia election interference case against Trump.

Trump’s co-defendants accused Wade of having an affair with Fulton County, Ga., prosecutor Fani Willis when she hired him as a staff member, then misusing the funds state and federal for personal reasons.

Joycelyn Wade says her condition is worsening, causing her to fear she may need “emergency intervention.” @purevinesfreshwines

Wade – who divorced in January – denied hooking up with Willis until he was implicated in the fraud case.

According to his ex-wife, Wade refused to honor the amicable divorce agreement he reached in order to avoid testifying in court about his affair with Willis.

Jocelyn Wade spent what money she had on their children’s surgeries after Nathan Wade suddenly cut off his son and daughter and told them to “get your mother’s money,” the filing states.

Wade was embroiled in a scandal with Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis, who hired him to oversee the Georgia election interference case against former President Donald Trump. Getty Images

The “sudden cessation of financial support” for their children left her monthly income less than $1,000 a month, Jocelyn said, adding that her declining health prevented her from working.

The overlooked expenses also include payments Wade allegedly promised his children after he separated from his wife.

Wade reportedly backed out of his promise to send money to his son, who is pursuing a professional soccer career in Europe.

He also allegedly refused to pay his daughter’s rent, forcing Jocelyn to dip into her own expenses to cover it.

The prosecutor was also accused of reneging on a commitment to fund the girl — an aspiring medical student — as she begins preparing to take the MCAT exam.

“Demonstrating the defendant’s unwavering commitment to her children’s education and future, she quickly covered her daughter’s rent payment and continued to do so every month thereafter with the money she she receives spousal support awarded to her under the Temporary Order and Agreement,” the filing states.

Wade allegedly promised to repay Jocelyn for the money she provided him to make up for his broken promises, but the ex-wife said she instead needed him to prepay her medical bills.

Her doctor won’t schedule additional appointments for her unless she pays up front, she says.

She and her lawyers are not demanding that Wade be jailed until he pays the money needed for his child support and medical bills.

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