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ex-senator puts up posters against Biden – RT in english

Scott Wagner, a former Pennsylvania state senator, rented a dozen billboards depicting the Democratic president disguised as fighting the Taliban, alongside the message “Making the Taliban great again.”

On the roadsides of central Pennsylvania, one can observe for some time billboards bearing a poster showing President Joe Biden disguised as fighting the Taliban armed with a rocket launcher. This is accompanied by the message Making the Taliban Great Again (“Restoring the Taliban to Greatness”), referring to the slogan Make America great again of his predecessor, Donald Trump.

This initiative is claimed by Scott Wagner, a Republican businessman and politician who served as a senator from Pennsylvania between 2014 and 2018. According to USA Today, the latter would have rented a dozen panels for an amount of 15,000 dollars (approximately 12,800 euros) in order to express his disapproval of the conditions for the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan which led to the return to power of the Taliban. Scott Wagner is said to have taken this initiative after meeting with soldiers who served in the country.

Images of the poster were posted on social media.

Severely criticized in his country – and internationally -, Joe Biden had, in the aftermath of the capture of Kabul by the Taliban, “firmly defended” his decision to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan, despite scenes of chaos in the capital’s airport. “After 20 years, I reluctantly learned that there was never a good time to withdraw US forces,” said the US president. “The truth is that all this took place more quickly than we had expected”, he had however admitted.