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Everybody loves Bill Burr telling Bill Maher he’s full of shit

Bill Burr drew praise for absolutely roasting HBO late-night host Bill Maher during a recent exchange about the Israel-Hamas war and university protests, prompting observers to applaud the comic at the acid tongue for having “silenced an incredibly important Maher”.

During a recent appearance on Maher’s Club Random podcast, in which the 68-year-old Real time The star smokes weed and drinks while complaining about ‘woke’ liberals with his guests, Burr stunned the host by declaring that cancel culture was ‘over’ and ‘no one cared more “.

“That’s so not true, either one of us could be canceled in the next two minutes,” Maher exclaimed.

“No. For what? If you don’t do anything, it’s like you made this joke about this group of people or that group of people,” Burr retorted. “I feel like I’m coming back two years back in my life I don’t even think about it anymore.

This moment, however, wasn’t the only time the two veteran comics disagreed.

Complaining (once again) about pro-Palestinian protests and encampments on college campuses, Maher grumbled that the protesters “are on the side of the terrorists,” leading Burr to respond that they were actually “for the Palestinians.” Maher, meanwhile, said “it’s kind of the same cause” before questioning whether his guest supported the anti-war protests.

“I’m on the side of the kids,” Burr said, leading Maher to derisively tell him “that’s easy to say” because “nobody wants to see dead kids.”

Burr responded sarcastically that it “was very brave” of Maher to say that, just for the former. Politically incorrect star to insist he’s “the one who’s really brave about” the subject.

“Oh, pat yourself on the back,” Burr replied.

Maher went on to say that while it’s “easy to say” that you’re against dead children, “it comes down to firm decisions,” giving Burr the opportunity to question Maher’s supposed expertise in the material.

“Oh, stop talking like you’re a general!” Burr joked, leading Maher to explain how he would resolve the war in Gaza.

“It’s the only country in the world that’s getting attacked, and as soon as they fight back, it’s like, well, we gotta stop this shit now. “Don’t attack them” is a very simple solution to all these problems in the Middle East. Stop attacking Israel,” Maher said.

“You just solved it,” Burr replied sarcastically.

From there, the Old dads The director continued to mock Maher, asking him to make a “hardline decision” to resolve the war in Ukraine, while questioning how the war is still legal with all this bullshit that has been canceled. Maher used this opportunity to give Burr the “real answer” about why the war is not illegal and what needed to happen to stop Vladimir Putin.

“Sit down and talk about it?” Why can’t Putin do a podcast with the person in charge? Like you just solved the Middle East on a podcast,” Burr responded in disbelief. “Why can’t they fix what they’re doing on a podcast?!”

This only prompted Maher to smugly tell Burr that it’s “why it’s not your thing”, but that it’s Maher’s “thing”, prompting Burr to consider it like dirt.

“It’s not your thing.” That’s not the case,” Burr replied. “You’re like that guy who has a fantasy football team and thinks he’s a fucking general manager. That’s exactly what it is. Like, why am I listening to you like you did something?! What did you do in Washington? Nothing.”

Burr completely harassing Maher on his own podcast went instantly viral on social media, especially among critics of the Real time host and his fervent embrace of contrarianism and Joe Rogan-style anti-wokeness.

It has also not escaped many observers, including comics, authors and journalists, that Burr himself is known for the type of edgy comedy and anti-PC attitude that the self -So-called Dark Web Intellectuals and heterodox freethinkers have long warned. is attacked by the left.

“Bill Burr gets invited on podcasts by exhausted hackers who just assume he’ll be okay with their boring, morally empty takes because he’s white and has a Boston accent, and they continue to be shocked that he still has a functioning mind”, former The Late Show with David Letterman writer Kevin McCaffery tweeted. “I will never get tired of these clips.”

Film critic Jake Cole, for one, said he enjoyed “this phase of Bill Burr’s career where all his right-wing peers have him on their shows because he’s a loudmouth with no filter, but he ends up calling them idiots to their faces. »

Sharing a clip of the exchange on X, reporter Marcus Baram noted that Burr “skewers” Maher like no one else has.

Oscar-nominated screenwriter Josh Olson added that Burr demonstrated “how to beat a man to death without leaving his chair” and that “Maher insisting that ‘that’s my thing’ was the first thing he said which made me laugh in over a decade.

Others, meanwhile, praised Burr’s positions on the war and protests in Gaza and suggested they likely aligned with those of the majority of Americans.

“I think Bill Burr has a majority position, a sensible defense of Palestinian civilians, and Bill Maher seems like a crazy person. » The Nations » tweeted President Bhaskar Sunkara. “I wish the president would agree.”

Writer Luke O’Neil further asserted that Burr “is the average Boston guy because, while he may say questionable things here and there, his heart is in the right place and he can sense bullshit when he hears it and will denounce it. ” And despite Burr’s own comedic tirades about “wokeness,” entertainer Rob Israel insisted that he is “perhaps the most truly woke comedian” working today.

“He understands the modern zeitgeist better than his Chud comedian peers,” Israel continued. “He uses their language in a way that completely disarms them, to the point where they can’t really say anything in response.”

In the end, though, it seems many were just happy that Burr put Maher in his place.

“I couldn’t love/respect/appreciate Bill Burr more,” proclaimed TV host Coy Jandreau, while stand-up comic Corey Ryan Forrester simply noted, “Bill Burr once again shows that He’s that guy.”

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