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Even Trumpworld Is Annoyed With Marjorie Taylor Greene

  • Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene continues to threaten to call a vote to oust Speaker Mike Johnson.
  • Despite his close ties to Trump, some in his inner circle say his antics are unhelpful.
  • “We’re not going to get trapped in this cycle of bullshit,” one person said.

Numerous calls from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene criticized her threat to call a vote to oust Speaker Mike Johnson.

It turns out that some figures in Donald Trump’s orbit feel the same way, despite the Georgia congresswoman’s close relationship with the former president.

“It’s fair to say we don’t think it’s constructive,” a person close to Trump told POLITICO, saying the former president resented “infighting” among Republicans. “That’s no way to run a party, that’s no way to run a House. You can’t work in that environment.”

Another person close to Trump told the outlet that Greene’s ouster threat was “100 percent a distraction. Unwanted. And just plain stupid.”

“We’re not going to get caught up in this cycle of bullshit coming out of MPs,” the person said.

Spokespeople for Greene and Trump did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Greene first introduced the resolution, known as the “rescind motion,” last month after the House passed a government funding bill that far-right Republicans say does not did not sufficiently advance GOP priorities. She indicated she would force a vote on the measure if Johnson held a vote on approving more aid to Ukraine.

Still, Greene’s ouster could unintentionally make House passage of Ukraine aid more likely: Several Democrats have said they would oppose Greene’s motion to leave the country if he granted this assistance. That would be a contrast from October, when Democrats joined efforts by Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida to oust then-President Kevin McCarthy, leading to the first successful resignation motion in American history.

No other House Republicans definitively committed to voting for Greene’s motion to overturn, although a few indicated they shared her grievances with Johnson.

Since being elected president in October, Johnson has governed in a way that is a significant departure from the tougher votes he received as a rank-and-file lawmaker. This includes the passage of government funding bills that have garnered more Democratic than Republican support.

His defenders in the Republican Party argued that this was simply the nature of divided government and that Johnson was doing the best he could under difficult circumstances. The House Republicans’ voting margin, already narrow to begin with, narrowed in recent weeks as members of Congress announced their early retirement.

Johnson is expected to host an event with Trump at Mar-a-Lago on “election integrity” on Friday, according to multiple reports.


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