European River Cruise Line Includes Suites, Butlers, and Prices up to $60k

  • Newcomer Riverside Luxury Cruises wants to break into the growing river cruise market.
  • The ultra-luxury cruise line operates former Crystal ships on popular European rivers like the Danube.
  • Riverside 2024 cruises start at $1,055 per person for four days.

A new ultra-luxury cruise line wants to be the chicest river vacation option.

It does this through mouth-watering cruises with truffle-infused butter, $320-per-person dinners and butlers who can be invited with a simple WhatsApp message.

Affluent travelers, discover Riverside Luxury Cruises.

The fledgling company first set sail in March 2023. With a year of service under its belt, its three vessels now sail some of Europe’s most popular rivers, starting at over $260 per person and per day.


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