ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky in another farting controversy

“The Pat McAfee Show” crew was stinking after it emerged that ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky passed gas live on air.

Orlovsky was making what appeared to be a normal appearance on the ESPN program when suddenly a loud noise was heard while he was speaking, which McAfee and his colleagues said sounded like a fart.

“Dan!” Dan! McAfee interrupted as the rest of the on-air personalities began laughing in the background. “Another farting situation with Dan Orlovsky just happened.”

Pat McAfee had to stop the show when he heard what he thought was a fart from Dan Orlovksy. Pat McAfee Show

Orlovsky, confused, initially thought they were responding to what he had said and attempted to return to his topic of discussion before McAfee and Co. interrupted him.

The analyst tried to understand what had just happened and it took McAfee several attempts to explain before Orlovsky seemed to understand.

“I didn’t fart,” he protested after finally understanding what he was being accused of.

“That’s twice now Dan. It’s the Orlovsky thing,” McAfee replied.

McAfee was referring to an instance in which Orlovsky appeared to tear one up on air in the fall of 2022 during “Monday Night Football.”

Orlovsky appeared to sneeze and fart on the broadcast before the Bills’ 41-7 victory over the Titans in September of that year.

The commenter had fun with the viral moment, posting on X: “I should never have tried making blue cheese…”

This time around, Orlovsky proclaimed his innocence on the social media app, in a light-hearted way of course.

“I hate McAfee. It was the windshield wipers” he protested in a post on X.

The former NFL quarterback sticks to this story and it’s easy to see how the windshield wipers would be a logical explanation and the weather in the background appeared to be raining.

For the moment, the jury is still not elected.

New York Post

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