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Epileptic teenager no longer has seizures after pioneering brain surgery


A Scottish teenager with epilepsy has undergone groundbreaking surgery to remove a piece of his brain and is free of seizures for the first time in 13 years, his mother says.

Angus Bain, 17, has suffered epileptic seizures at least once a week for most of his life, but doctors are optimistic he will be free of the debilitating disease after becoming one of the first patients in the UK to undergo the new laser operation. SWNS reported.

This pioneering surgery removes the brain tissue that causes seizures. Ten weeks later, Angus has had no incidents.

“Our lives have been consumed by Angus’ epilepsy since he was 5,” his mother, Nicki Bain, from Gateside, Fife, told the outlet.

“He took a lot of very heavy medication, had wires in his head, brain stimulation, so many tests and ultrasounds.”

Angus Bain, 17, has been seizure-free for 10 weeks after undergoing rare laser surgery in October. Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity/SWNS
Bain was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 4. Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity/SWNS
Bain is only the second young person in Scotland to have the operation. Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity/SWNS

“I can’t even put into words what it means to him, and to our entire family, that he is no longer having seizures at Christmas this year,” she said.

Angus underwent the procedure at Edinburgh Children’s Hospital in October. The innovative laser technology – known as MRI-guided laser interstitial thermal therapy (LITT) – is minimally invasive and surgery takes just under two hours with a relatively short recovery time, according to SWNS.

“Laser surgery is a fantastic development for specific patients and will give some epileptics a real chance of living a normal life,” said Dr Jothy Kandasamy, consultant neurosurgeon at the Royal Hospital for Children and Young People.

“The operation was life-changing not only for Angus, but for the whole family,” he added.

The teenager is only the second young person in Scotland to have the operation.

Roslyn Neely, CEO of Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity, said she was “encouraged by the transformative impact of Angus’ life”.

Nicki Bain said her son’s “future looks so bright and we are incredibly proud and excited for him.”

The teenager said he hoped to one day get his driver’s license, play rugby or ski, things that were too risky for him before the operation.

“I wish I could go to parties with my friends. I see pictures of all my friends together and I’m jealous that I can’t go when they can,” he wistfully told BBC Scotland News.

Although knocking these items off his list may take some time as he continues to recover, Angus is pleased with the results so far.

“I’ve never had such a long period without a seizure, it’s an incredible relief. I am so happy.”

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