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Welcome to day four at the Rose Bowl!

What a glorious day this is. A midsummer Saturday, stonking weather forecast throughout the weekend and a Test Match nicely poised to finish late tomorrow with all four results still on the table. All the while, hundreds of thousands of rugged individualists take the field this afternoon for club, park or village cricket for the first time since September. Breathe it in. At last, this is the good stuff.

In terms of the day ahead at the Rose Bowl, well, it’s simple. If England are batting at stumps, we are going to have a fantastic Sunday. If they aren’t, Jason Holder’s will be very well placed to skip to a one-nil lead. The hosts are 99 runs behind, openers Rory Burns and Dom Sibley doing nicely before stumps last night.

For my part, I’m thrilled to be back on the OBO. The last time I was scheduled to sit with you for an England men’s game, my baby girl Winnie was born that morning. That was Valentine’s Day, nearly five months ago. And she’s a little gem, thanks for asking. Indeed, thanks for all the kind words from at the time – it was lovely.

As always, I’m looking forward to your company throughout the first half of the day, with Tim de Lisle taking the baton later on. Drop me a line, ping me a tweet. Good morning one and all.


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