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Elon Musk Is Mad About Reports About Robots Hurting His Employees, and He’s Right

Elon Musk is very angry over a report that somehow implied that one of his favorite robots attacked one of his employees at Tesla’s Austin, Texas factory two years ago. The report never said it was one of his brilliants (fuckable?) Optimus friends, but that didn’t exactly emphasize that it was a terrifying robotic arm meant to collect scrap metal.

Musk is pissed off thanks to “social media sharing image” (a little journalist speaks for you there) on the exclusive story of the Daily Mail, who broke the news of the attack. The image includes a split of Cowboy Elon and a small legion of his Optimus robots. Indeed, the entire post still includes images of Optimus robots without ever mentioning them in the story.

Misleading? Yeah. That’s why we here at Jalopnik have stayed away from this story, because the Email is not known to be the most reliable source. While it may seem like Musk is missing the forest of attack robots in favor of the trees of innocent robots, the event itself seems terrifying, but all too common in American factories:

A You’re here an engineer was attacked by a robot during a brutal and bloody malfunction within the company Giga Texas factory near Austin.

Two witnesses watched in horror as their colleague was attacked by the machine designed to grab and move freshly cast aluminum car parts.

The robot had pinned the man, who then programmed software for two disabled Teslas robots nearby, before digging its metal claws into the worker’s back and arm, leaving a “trail of blood” along the surface of the factory.


The two eyewitnesses to the event – ​​which occurred in the section of the Texas factory where vehicle frames are first assembled – told reporters at Information a more poignant story, however.

As the bleeding Tesla engineer attempted to free himself from the assembly robot’s grip, another worker pressed an emergency “stop” button to end the attack.

Once free, the engineer fell “a few feet into a chute designed to collect scrap aluminum, leaving a trail of blood behind him,” according to The Information, a subscription technology news site.

OSHA found that Tesla has a history of underreporting injuriesso it is not at all impossible that Tesla is now, but the Email The report goes on to say that Tesla has a much higher injury rate than other auto factories (something we’ve also covered.) If Tesla is cheating the system, why wouldn’t he follow through? THE Email also speaks with an attorney representing injured contractors and employees, who says the injury numbers are much higher than what is being reported and reported to OHSA about violations, but his statements are still light on the facts and actual conclusions. All of this, plus the multiple images of Optimus robots that fill the body of the story, makes me think that the Daily Mail did what it always does: create a technically OK story, but sloppy and misleading, for clicks.

All this put me in the uncomfortable and unfamiliar position of slightly defend Elon Musk. Ugh. Her path of TO DO business East always bad and, most importantly, dangerous for workers, but there are plenty of reasons to dislike Musk without involving his (so far) innocent sex robots.

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