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Elise Stefanik’s ‘Hateful Rhetoric’ Torn in Scathing Editorial by Hometown Newspaper

Stefanik, a Donald Trump loyalist, echoed the racist “big replacement” theory in advertisements warning voters of a “permanent election insurgency”. The plot, which has been adopted by the far right, postulates that whites are intentionally replaced by minorities and immigrants.

In an op-ed on Friday, the board of directors of Albany’s Times Union posed a critical question with its headline, “How Good, Ms. Stefanik?” “

“The idea of ​​America as a melting pot is not an idealistic fiction of the left; it is part of the foundation of the greatness of this nation, ”he wrote.

“If there is anything that needs to be replaced in this country – and in the Republican Party – it is the hateful rhetoric that Ms. Stefanik and far too many of her colleagues are so transparently spitting out,” concluded the editorial.


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