Elden Ring heroine Let Me Solo Her says Shadow of the Erdtree isn’t too hard, “a lot of people are just too hard” and should “use whatever is at their disposal”

Ancient Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree has reignited the debate around the ideal challenge level not only in FromSoftware games but in games in general, with some arguing that the DLC generates unnecessary difficulty spikes and leave negative reviews on Steam. FromSoftware has since made the extension a little easier by improving the first levels of Scadutree (and bluntly imploring players to take advantage of it). Tarnished hero Let Me Solo Her, famous for helping thousands defeat the base game’s toughest boss, Malenia, believes that some people are simply overreacting and should probably broaden their tactics.

In an interview with GamesRadar+, Let Me Solo Her agrees that The Shadow of the Erdtree is, overall, the biggest challenge Elden Ring has to offer. “So far, the DLC bosses have been a real test of skill in my opinion and players need to learn patience and timing for counterattacks,” says the pothead warrior. But looking at the sheer difficulty of individual DLC bosses, he would generally rank them below Malenia, an optional boss known for her unforgiving attack animations, two grueling phases, and a life-sapping mechanic that thwarts many strategies.

Let Me Solo Her says he thoroughly enjoyed Shadow of the Erdtree, stopping to indulge in the scenery between epic bosses. “I haven’t beaten him yet, but I’m on the final boss right now and I think it will be a while before I beat him. It took me a while to master Messmer but I think I ran pretty casually for the DLC,” he said, right after the reveal of Let Me Solo Him, his new Messmer-destroying character. If any DLC boss could stand up to Malenia, he said, it would be the final boss.

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Is this the hardest DLC FromSoftware has ever made? “I think it’s in the lead,” Let Me Solo Her begins, “but I think after a week of playing, a lot of people are too hard-core and have experienced a lot of new things to accurately judge the difficulty. After a few months, I think we can fairly accurately assess where the DLC ranks in terms of difficulty.”

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