Eddie Hearn details ‘unbelievable’ viewing figures for darts since Luke Littler burst onto the scene

Eddie Hearn has revealed that only Premier League football has more viewers than darts since Luke Littler rose to fame.

The 17-year-old burst onto the scene as he reached the final of the PDC World Championship, although he lost to Luke Humphries.


Littler’s burst onto the scene proved hugely beneficial for dartsCredit: Getty

Former world champions Raymond van Barneveld and Rob Cross lost to Littler along the way and he has since continued his impressive rise in the sport.

Darts has long been a popular television event, but PDC chairman Hearn has now spoken out about how high the viewing figures are amid Littler’s success.

Speaking on Piers Morgan Uncensored alongside his father Barry, he said: “We see our viewing figures, the only thing is darts is continually disrespected as a sport.

“The viewing figures are second only to Premier League football, and in fact during the World Championship they were on par with Premier League football.”


“Amazing,” Morgan replied, before Hearn added: “No other sport, you’re going to look at these viewing figures, tennis, golf on Sky versus darts.”

Littler’s World Championship efforts have led many to believe he will play his first season in the PDC Premier League this year.

Hearn revealed he could see his potential and pushed for the teenager to be selected for the tour once he reached the semi-finals at Alexandra Palace.

“You would have appreciated the moment he burst onto the scene at the World Championships,” he explained.

Hearn revealed that darts' viewing figures are second only to those of the Premier League.


Hearn revealed that darts’ viewing figures are second only to those of the Premier League.Credit: Piers Morgan YouTube uncensored
Littler's success could very well push the numbers even higher.


Littler’s success could very well push the numbers even higher.Credit: Getty

“During this period the PDC board makes its final selection regarding the Premier League, which is our weekly tour of the UK and now Europe as well.

“At that point, Luke had just gotten into the semi-finals and we said, ‘You’ve got to put Luke Littler in there.’

Darts sensation Luke Littler picks Neville over Keane, Beckham over two Man United legends and trumps Rooney with Ronaldo in Manchester United edition of winner stays up

“A lot of board members who really care about darts said, ‘Now we have a duty to protect this young man.’

“‘He’s 16, do we really want to put him under that pressure and on that stage, week in and week out,’ and our response was, ‘Yeah, absolutely, put him in.'”

Littler won his first Premier League night last Thursday by beating Nathan Aspinall in the final in Belfast.

The result took him to second place in the rankings behind world number 1 Humphries, with further success behind the oche sure to follow.


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