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EA’s flop Immortals of Aveum reportedly cost around $125 million, according to a former developer: “a AAA single-player shooter in today’s market was a truly horrible idea.”

A new report sheds light on how much EA invested in its single-player FPS Immortals of Aveum, which received mixed reviews and was considered a financial failure.

Immortals of Aveum launched in August 2023 amid one of the busiest game release years in history, marked by giants like Diablo 4, Starfield, and Baldur’s Gate 3. The self-proclaimed “Call of Duty with Magic” from Ascendant Studios was convincing enough. , and I personally think it deserved more attention, but it ultimately missed EA’s expectations by enough of a margin that around 45% of the studio’s workforce was laid off shortly after release.

Studio CEO Bret Robbins has publicly stated that Immortals’ poor sales were attributable to last year’s extraordinarily busy release schedule, but an anonymous former Ascendant employee speaking to IGN said that in reality, the game’s concept itself and its large budget were both fundamental errors and ultimately doomed the project.

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