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Eagles’ Nick Sirianni admits he needs to be less tense on the sidelines – NBC Sports Philadelphia

The vibrations were not good.

Of course, the Eagles ended their three-game losing streak on Christmas Day and wins shouldn’t be taken for granted in the NFL.

But …

Toward the end of the game, there were some tense moments captured by FOX cameras from the sidelines as Nick Sirianni got into a screaming match with a few players and coaches. There was a quiet winning locker room where a few key players refused to speak to reporters and there was generally a notable lack of outward joy throughout this 2023 season despite an 11-4 record.

The Eagles head coach admitted to some misconduct Tuesday for his actions on the sideline during Monday’s 33-25 victory.

“There’s this balance,” Sirianni said. “Because wins in the NFL are hard to come by and you have to take advantage of them. And you have to have this balance because joy and determination to get better, you can have both.

“I really think it starts with me, frankly. There were times in that game yesterday where I felt like I was too tense on the sidelines and I need to be better about that. I have to do a better job. If I’m going to ask the players to do a better job themselves, then I have to do a better job myself and I definitely felt that yesterday.

Sirianni, 42, is known for being animated on the sidelines. As for that particular outburst late in Monday’s game, Sirianni declined to explain its origin. But he said the relationships between the players and coaches allow this team to move forward quickly. We will see.

On Tuesday, when asked about body language in general, Sirianni said he tends to be more interested in actions.

“I have to be better in these scenarios where there are high pressure areas; they need to see me calm and not tense,” Sirianni said. “There is a time and place to be tense, and there is a time and place not to be tense.

“I know that’s something that I always have to work on as a head coach, and so it’s something that I’m constantly working on.”

After the Eagles’ victory Monday, quarterback Jalen Hurts was asked about a feeling he must have shared too much this year: about winning against the norm and called it “a very manipulative thing in the spirit “. Because even though the Eagles have 11 wins, they haven’t played particularly well in many of them. This was especially true in the Giants game, when the Eagles nearly blew a 17-point halftime lead.

There were subdued celebrations, some holiday tunes, but it didn’t really feel like a winning locker room.

And this strange locker room even showed up in the video clip of Sirianni’s postgame speech, which apparently garnered moderate enthusiasm from the team.

“I can promise you we’ll have fun when we win.” I know that 1000%,” Sirianni said. “There’s a difference between having fun and not being happy with what the product was on the field, the standard, not meeting the standard.”

“So when you’re not meeting standards, you’re always asking yourself, ‘Hey, here’s what we could have done better, what could I have done better?’ It always starts with looking in the mirror.

The Eagles seemed freer last year. They seemed to be having more fun. They don’t seem to be like that this year.

Maybe that’s not fair.

Or maybe it’s true and understandable. It’s hard to put on a Batman mask when you’re scratching and clawing your way to victories every week.

And maybe all that standard talk is too intimidating anyway. The Eagles are trying to live up to a magical 2022 season, which seems unattainable.

“What’s interesting is I think it’s always going to be a dilemma,” Sirianni said. “Once you set a standard, your goal is not to stay level, but to improve a little bit, so it’s always going to be interesting like that.” There were definitely things that happened, sloppy things that happened, practice, the game yesterday, that need to be better. So you think about it, “Man, what could have been here?” “But make no mistake, I know our guys are excited to win and we’re excited to win a football game.

“But, again, it’s that hunger of wanting to be great and perfect. But there must be a balance. There has to be a balance between, “Hey, getting the win was the most important thing,” and then also that drive to get better after every time you step on the football field, whether it’s the field training or match field. »

It becomes a bit of a chicken or the egg dilemma. The Eagles aren’t having fun because they aren’t rolling? Or are they not rolling because they aren’t playing for free?

It’s probably more the former. But there’s something to be said for easing the tension a little with this team. And it starts with Sirianni.

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