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Eagles hold on to beat Giants, end 3-game losing streak – NBC Sports Philadelphia

It didn’t really feel like a win because the Eagles were still trying to make it a loss. But it was a win and one the Eagles desperately needed.

And as bad as they played at times and as many mistakes as they made, 11-4 looks a lot better than 10-5.

The Eagles ended their three-game losing streak with a 33-25 win over the Giants at Linc on Monday, and wins over the 3-12 Cards at Linc on Sunday and those same Giants at Meadowlands a week later. give the Eagles the NFC East title no matter what anyone else does.

Here are our 10 snapshot observations from a victory that shouldn’t have been this close.

1. For me, this was a play. Jalen Hurts’ 32-yard strike to AJ Brown on a desperate 3rd-and-20 early in the fourth quarter when everything was going wrong for the Eagles. A 17-point lead had been cut to two, thanks to the Giants’ 15 points on two turnovers – that kickoff disaster with Olamide Zaccheaus at the Eagles’ 14-yard line and Adoree’s 72-yard pick-6 ‘ Jackson which was more Dallas Goedert’s fault rather than Hurts’ fault. Then the Eagles regained the ball and immediately committed two penalties. So they’re sitting there facing a 3rd-and-20 at their own 26-yard line after giving up almost an entire 17-point lead against a 5-9 team that’s 2-6 on the road and hasn’t not beat a winning team all year. It was a crisis point. The Giants had all the momentum. Cowboys fans everywhere were excited. It felt like this three-game losing streak was about to turn into a four-game losing streak. Then Hurts threw an absolute miraculous 32-yard strike to AJ Brown and before the Giants could catch their breath, Kenny Gainwell ran 22 yards to the Giants’ 20. Two plays later, D’Andre Swift scored and the lead was back to two possessions at 27-18. It’s still not ideal. The Eagles should have blown this team out of the water. But that pass, that play, showed there was still magic in Jalen Hurts’ right arm, still magic in this football team.

2. Really, the only difference between this game and the last three is that the Eagles won it. But yes. The Eagles are much better than the Giants – and they made it clear by building a 17-point halftime lead. And then they just went back to the 49ers/Cowboys/Seahawks Eagles. Terrible mistakes. Horrible turnarounds. Horrible decisions. That 17-point lead turned into a two-point lead – this has happened with big leads all year – then a 12-point lead turned into a five-point lead and the Eagles had to hang on by the skin of their teeth before rookie Kelee Ringo finally finished with an INT into the end zone as time expired. I should never have come to this. I would love to sit here and say that a win is a win, and that there are no style points in the NFL, but let’s be honest. There is no excuse for letting the Giants get away with this. The Eagles are headed to the playoffs and they will most likely win the NFC East. But this is not a Super Bowl team. Right now, they’re not even close. That was the goal this year. It was the norm.

3. And this is nothing new. Up 16 on the opening day in England, he had to hang on for a five-point victory. Leading 27-7 against the Vikings, they held on to win by six. Up 11 against the Jets and led 17-0 the rest of the game. Up 10-0 in Seattle last week and 20-7 the rest of the game. This simply cannot happen. The Eagles did enough to win against a terrible Giants team, but the Eagles still haven’t put together a single 60-minute game with fair, solid football and no terrible mistakes. Most of those missed runs were more about what the Eagles did wrong than anything the other team did right. They give chances to teams, offer opportunities to teams. I’d like to know how good the Eagles could be if they ever played a complete game. We never saw him.

4. I like how the Eagles alternated D’Andre Swift and Kenny Gainwell. Swift had 92 yards on 20 touches, Gainwell 79 yards on nine touches. That’s 176 yards from both running backs. I’ve campaigned all year for the Eagles to spread the workload between the two backs because it just makes them unpredictable and harder to defend. And you might see it on Monday. Swift rushed 19 times for 96 yards and a TD and Gainwell rushed six times for 41 yards and caught three passes for 38 yards. And Brian Johnson stuck with the running game. In the first game, the backs ran 9 times for 26 yards. Second half, 26 times for 133 yards.

5. I actually really liked the way Jalen Hurts played. The interception had more to do with Dallas Goedert’s slide than anything else, and I thought Hurts made some big throws in clutch situations and was really accurate when he needed to be. He made good decisions, avoided throwing into traffic, looked comfortable in the pocket, beat the Giants’ constant blitzes with fullback rebounds and tight ends, threw the ball on the field and used seven different receivers. It was the best he’d seen in a while. He scored 33 points, threw for 301 yards and had no fumble. There are still a few things to work on, but after how the last few weeks have gone, this site was very welcome.

6. Remember when I had to come here and defend Britain Covey? Search my timeline, you’ll see. Covey can play hard and people who were paying attention last year aren’t surprised by what he’s done this year. The one thing the Eagles needed more than anything else Monday was a fast start, and Covey achieved that with his career-long 54-yard punt return to the Giants’ 13-yard line after the Giants went 3-and-out. to open the game. Two plays later, the Eagles took a 7-0 lead and didn’t look back. Covey added a single return in the second quarter on a short 26-yard punt by Jamie Gillan, leaping to field the kick then weaving 11 yards, turning the play into a net gain of just 15 yards for the Giants. Just a very heads-up game. Covey also caught his first career pass Monday, a seven-yard field goal in the first quarter. But I will tell you, for a team coming off three straight losses and desperate for a spark, that 54-yard comeback just 85 seconds into the game was huge.

7. Honestly, it was tough watching Shaq Leonard in his first two games. He looked like a shadow of himself. And maybe that shouldn’t be surprising after spending 5 1/2 years with the same team, then being away for a month, then coming here and learning a new defense – and then another new defense. But Leonard was great against the Giants with a sack – his first sack since the final day of the 2000 season – as well as two tackles for loss and seven total tackles. The Eagles lost three linebackers Monday when you include opening day starter Nakobe Dean, as well as Zach Cunningham and Nicholas Morrow. They needed a big performance from Leonard as well as undrafted rookie Ben VanSumeren, who had never played a snap in the NFL on defense. Not an ideal situation for a must-win game with your fourth and fifth linebackers, but Leonard and VanSumeren were both fine. It wasn’t 2020-2021 All-Pro Shaq Leonard, but he gave the Eagles what they really needed.

8. There was a lot to like on defense. Other than Darius Slayton’s 69-yard touchdown run, they were pretty solid. Lots to fix, but held the Giants to 292 total yards, held Saquon Barkley to 3.5 yards per carry on 23 rushing attempts, got big stops on 4th down, held the Giants to under 300 yards and really only allowed one long 4th quarter. a touchdown – which shouldn’t have happened – but still, of the Giants’ 25 points, seven came on defense and seven on special teams. So the defense actually only allowed 11 points – a touchdown, a field goal and a two-point conversion. And it’s just nice to see some of these young guys running around and adding some juice to the defense – Ringo, Sydney Brown, Eli Ricks, VanSumeren, obviously Jalen Carter and Jordan Davis, and even Nolan Smith. These guys are going to make mistakes, but they’re running them at 100 miles an hour and that’s encouraging. It got a little messy in the end, but this time they found a way.

9. What about DeVonta Smith and the AJ Brown Appreciation Society? Smith missed practice with a knee injury Thursday and Friday and was limited Saturday. Brown took a fierce behind-the-back shot late in the third quarter and may have missed a snap. They both played very hard. Smith caught four passes for 79 yards with a 36 yard touchdown and Brown was 6 for 80. They are so efficient and on a team that has had so many bad receivers – I’m tempted to list them all but I won’t not – they always come out big in the biggest moments. Brown now has 101 catches this year for 1,394 yards – 102 yards short of his own franchise record – and Smith has 78 for 1,036 – and joined Mike Quick and DeSean Jackson as the third Eagle with two 1,000-yard seasons during its first three years. . They each have seven touchdowns. Two incredible players.

ten. Turnovers continue to be a problem for this team. A huge problem. That disastrous kick return to open the second half gave the Giants a 14-yard field and an easy touchdown and Jalen Hurts’ interception — a pick 6 that was mostly on Dallas Goedert, who slipped during his break – was the Eagles’ 22nd and 22nd. 23rd turnover this year – 10th in the league. Over the last 10 games, the Eagles have thrown a ridiculous 18 interceptions, or almost two per game. Since Week 6, only the Jets, Jaguars and Browns have committed more turnovers. And it’s now been eight games with multiple turnovers, including losses to the Jets, Cowboys and Seahawks. And it’s not just Jalen. Monday night’s two turnovers, one on special teams and the other on Goedert’s slide. But regardless, 23 turnovers in 15 games is way too many and this team won’t beat good teams if they don’t find a way to clean it up.

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