Drunk Delta Traveler Gets 6 Months for Attacking Flight Attendant

A New York traveler has been sentenced to six months in federal prison for a drinking rampage aboard a 12-hour flight from Tel Aviv to JFK, sparked by flight attendants cutting off his alcohol supply.

Shachar Bivas, 44, of Long Island, was sentenced Thursday for his free ride in mid-flight on May 31 last year, during which he punched and pushed a Delta flight attendant and ruined his flight uniform. work, according to court filings.

He was also fined $9,500 and must turn himself in to authorities by August 2.

Bivas had requested a vodka drink on Flight 235 and was served it once before crew members noticed he was visibly drunk and interrupted him, sending him into a blind rage, according to court documents .

Photos show Bivas’ injuries to a flight attendant. US DOJ

The Long Island man then got up and approached a second flight attendant about a drink, stating that his father had recently died and that he was upset about it, prosecutors said.

He was offered a coffee and asked to return to his seat, only to get up and ask the same flight attendant to give him a drink and a cigarette.

When the crew member told him he could no longer smoke or be served alcohol on the plane, Bivas “got angry” and punched a refrigerator next to the flight attendant’s head. flight attendant, federal prosecutors said.

Bivas was sentenced to six months in prison for this attack. NurPhoto via Getty Images

As the plane flew over Europe, Bivas again stood up to disturb the same flight attendant, who was talking to a passenger nearby. He pushed the passenger aside and demanded a drink, authorities said.

Bivas “grabbed, pushed and forcibly struck” the flight attendant, injuring his arm and tearing his uniform, photos show.

Bivas tore the flight attendant’s uniform during the attack. AMERICAN DOJ

Another officer intervened and restrained Bivas, keeping him in the back of the plane for the rest of the trip, prosecutors said.

After the assault, the flight attendant asked the captains to make an emergency landing, but they refused. One of the plane’s captains, Michael Glenister, was removed from the front of the plane to deal with the chaos.

“I would equate this situation to driving a car in an unfamiliar area at night with screaming children in the back seat, rather than doing the same thing with someone else in the passenger seat looking after the children. children and reads street signs about you,” Glenister wrote in a letter to the judge.

Glenister explained how half the crew was resting at the time of the assault, leaving just five flight attendants to handle the situation while monitoring the other 275 travelers on board.

Bivas was indicted in August and pleaded guilty in December to interfering with a flight attendant, which carries a sentence of zero to six months in prison. He must surrender to the authorities before August 2.

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