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Dr Disrespect says new Warzone is a ‘mess’ and explains how to fix it

Nathan Warby

Popular streamer Dr Disrespect has always had a complicated relationship with Warzone and this continued after the Urzikstan update. The Two-Time called the new version of the game “garbage” and explained how the developers can fix it.

Warzone has been given a new lease of life since the Season 1 update, which brought the Urzikstan map alongside a host of weapons from Modern Warfare 3. It also introduced a ton of movement changes per report to the new multiplayer, addressing one of the main complaints from the days of Al Mazrah.

The new version of Warzone has been mostly well-received, with millions of players returning to the game. This includes high-profile streamers like TimTheTatman and even Dr Disrespect, who had turned to Fortnite and other titles in recent times. month.

However, Doc’s return to the battle royale hasn’t been smooth sailing, as he’s already identified some major issues.

In a recent stream, Dr. Disrespect was growing increasingly frustrated after a number of deaths, and he was clearly unhappy with some of the game’s design decisions. The slow servers were also causing issues, as he called Warzone a “cheesy mess » and “trash” after several consecutive eliminations.

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The sound was even criticized, with Doc angry: “There’s just nothing, there’s never any sound, is there?” He arrives” after being killed by an enemy paratrooper.

Although Warzone is only in its first season since integrating with MW3, Doc added that his patience may already be running out: “I’m not going to beat around the bush, I’m sick of the game . Already.”

However, he also revealed a number of ways he believes the developers could turn the game’s fortunes around with a few major tweaks.

“(Number one) Server quality, 12 ticks to at least 60 ticks – give us 60 ticks. Audio overhaul number two; prioritization, recoding and remapping of fingerprints,” explained Doc. “Then, thirdly, the design training that comes and the consulting every two weeks.”

The new era of Warzone has been fairly well received, but players will no doubt want the game to improve and evolve over time. We’ll have to wait and see if the developers take Dr. Disrespect’s suggestions into account.

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