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DoorDash, Uber and Lyft drivers plan Valentine’s Day strike

Rideshare and delivery drivers plan to strike in several U.S. cities near airports on Valentine’s Day.

Justice for App Workers – a national coalition of delivery and rideshare drivers – announced last week plans to strike on Wednesday. The coalition wrote that workers are demanding, among other things, fair wages and safety measures.

The coalition said in the press release that drivers shouldn’t have to worry about making ends meet or possibly being disabled from apps. The coalition is urging people to join drivers at rallies to “demand change from Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, and every app company that profits from our hard work.”

The coalition said strikers would not travel all day to and from the Rhode Island Airport and the cities of Austin, Chicago, Hartford, Miami, Newark, Orlando, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Tampa.

Uber emphasized in a statement to The Hill that driver earnings are “robust.” A company spokesperson stressed that the strike is not expected to impact pricing or driver availability, adding that Uber saw an increase in trips during last year’s strike, Valentin’s Day.

“Driver earnings remain strong, and as of the fourth quarter of 2023, drivers in the United States earned approximately $33 per hour used,” Uber’s statement said.

Uber announced updated processes for deactivating a driver’s account last year, which include creating a path to review deactivation decisions, protecting drivers from false allegations, and helping those who have been falsely accused of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol to resume driving by submitting a Drug Test.

Lyft also said in a statement to The Hill that it had improved its own opt-out process. The company recently announced new changes to its driver program, including guaranteeing the driver at least 70% of rider fares after external fees and being able to appeal an opt-out decision in the Lyft driver app.

“We are constantly working to improve the driver experience, so this month we released a series of new offerings and commitments aimed at increasing driver compensation and transparency,” Lyft’s statement said.

“This includes a new minimum income guarantee and an improved opt-out appeals process. From now on, drivers will always pay at least 70% of the passenger’s weekly rate after external costs. “It’s all part of our new customer-obsessed driver focus,” the statement continued.

The Hill has contacted DoorDash for comment.

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