Donkey Kong Country Returns HD priced at $60

When Metroid Prime Remastered launched, Nintendo set the price at $40. Nintendo fans were hoping this would be the price to pay for upcoming remasters and HD re-releases, but Nintendo had a different idea.

Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD launches in a few hours, and Nintendo revealed a while ago that this title would cost $60. Those who were hoping things would be different with Donkey Kong Country Returns HD, prepare to be disappointed, as Nintendo just revealed a $60 price tag for that as well.

What does Donkey Kong Country Returns HD offer compared to the original Wii version? You can play the game as it was originally designed for the Wii, or lower the difficulty to get extra hearts and other goodies to make your journey a little easier. The game has also been visually enhanced in HD and includes the additional levels from the 3DS version. It’s up to you to decide if this content justifies the $60 price tag.

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