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Donations top $300,000 for Las Vegas carjacking victim’s wife and 7 children

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It’s not an easy road for the Lopez family, but the widow of a carjacking victim has a little peace of mind knowing she and her seven children can concentrate about their recovery and worrying about money later.

Jerry Lopez, 39, died Wednesday morning after police began chasing Justin Davidson, 36, who had just shot and killed his mother and stolen a police cruiser. Three different civilian vehicles were hijacked at gunpoint.

Jerry was the only occupant of these three vehicles to die, according to Las Vegas Metro Police. Footage from the officer’s body camera was released Friday showing Davidson shooting through the driver’s side window before entering through the passenger side, throwing Jerry’s body to the ground through the driver’s side door and driving off.

Family friends of Jerry and Karen Lopez created a GoFundMe to help support the seven children left behind. With an initial goal of $200,000, Las Vegas and those hearing this story across the country have surpassed that goal.

Jerry Lopez (right) pictured with his family of seven children and wife two weeks before Christmas 2023. (Photo provided by Karen Lopez)

As of this article’s publication Friday evening, more than 3,800 donations have raised more than $300,000. Major donors contributed between $300 and $10,000 each, among thousands of smaller donations. The new fundraising goal has doubled to $400,000.

In a statement to 8 News Now on Friday, Karen Lopez said:

I am in complete shock at what the Las Vegas community has given my family. Yesterday I was so worried about having to go back to work immediately and now I will have time to focus on the kids and us healing before I have to worry about work. I can’t say thank you enough.

Karen still has a lot to figure out: a possible funeral, how to provide an income for her children (she homeschools her children), and getting a new van to transport the entire family of eight, to name a few. some.

Karen is the direct beneficiary of the GoFundMe account, which means she now has access to this money.

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