Donald Trump thanks Boris Johnson for criticizing his ‘hit job’ conviction – POLITICO

But Johnson, who was ousted from office in 2022 by his own party after a series of scandals, said the American people had already concluded that the matter was “on the whole, a bunch of old, stunted nonsense.”

“The broad mass of American voters were able to see what I think was really going on: that liberal elites were simply dismayed by Trump’s continued popularity and ability to connect with voters – and that they were using anything they could find to derail his campaign,” Johnson said. wrote in the Daily Mail.

Johnson added: “If you look dispassionately at his tenure, both domestically and internationally, it has been far more successful than his left-wing detractors let on. They should not use such legal tricks to prevent him from receiving the judgment that really matters: the people’s verdict.

Trump’s opponents, according to Johnson, only “helped make his victory more likely, not less” in November’s US presidential election.

“Thanks to Boris Johnson! Trump posted Sunday evening, as he shared excerpts of Johnson’s op-ed on his social media.

Long story

Other senior British politicians have carefully avoided making remarks about Trump’s historic conviction.


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