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Donald Trump is racist and Labor should denounce him – POLITICO

But while Khan acknowledged he had “more leeway” than some of his colleagues to speak freely, the London mayor told POLITICO that Trump was far from being “misunderstood.”

“I’m very clear, I understand Trump,” Khan said. “He’s a racist. He’s a sexist. He’s a homophobe. And it’s very important, especially when you have a special relationship, to treat them like your best friend.

“If my best friend was racist, sexist, or homophobic, I would call him and explain why those views are wrong.”

“I worry about a Trump presidency”

Polls suggest that Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee in this year’s US presidential election, is likely to return to the Oval Office for a second term. Labor, too, appears poised to form a government – ​​and is increasingly aware that it may have to work with a possible second Trump administration.

But the mayor of London, in a combative mood after being re-elected this month for an unprecedented third term, says he is worried.

“I worry about a Donald Trump presidency,” Khan said.


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