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Donald Trump is outraged over Barron’s graduation ban. Here’s what the judge actually said.

Donald Trump is outraged over Barron’s graduation ban.  Here’s what the judge actually said.

The Conservatives were in turmoil on Monday after Donald Trump raged, “It looks like” Judge Juan Merchan, who is overseeing the former president’s criminal trial, “won’t let me go” to his son Barron Trump’s high school graduation ceremony.

But that’s not what Merchan said.

Merchan actually said it can It would be possible for Trump to attend the May 17 celebration, but he would have to see how the trial proceeds.

Trump nevertheless turned it into an attack on what he called the “scam” proceedings against him as he first fumed outside the courthouse:

And then in an article on its Truth Social platform:

“Pure evil,” Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., wrote on X (formerly Twitter) in response to right-wing outrage:

Trump’s other son, Eric Trump, called Merchan “truly heartless for not letting a father attend his son’s graduation.”

To clarify, Merchan did not comment on Trump’s request to postpone the trial so he could mark his son’s educational milestone.

“It really depends on how we progress on the timeline and where we are in the trial,” Merchan told the court, reported the Associated Press, which also reported that the judge said that “if the trial is going as planned, he is ready to adjourn.” ” for the day.

Merchan warned, however, that Trump could be arrested if he misses court or disrupts proceedings in the trial, which centers on allegations that, before the 2016 election, he paid porn actor Stormy Daniels to guard the silence on their alleged affair which allegedly took place when his wife, Melania Trump was taking care of their son Barron, then a baby.

The latest disingenuous twist from Trump, his family and his allies was highlighted by critics, who also stressed that the defendants should not be given special privileges:



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