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Dolton trustees appoint interim mayor amid political turmoil – NBC Chicago

Dolton trustees voted this week to appoint an interim mayor amid ongoing political unrest in the Chicago suburb.

Trustee Jason House will now replace embattled Mayor Tiffany Henyard in some situations after Henyard, who is at the center of a series of subpoenas and lawsuits, missed 25 board meetings, the administrators.

All four Dolton trustees present at Tuesday’s meeting voted in favor of the decision. Two administrators were absent.

The village government has been marred by accusations of improper spending, lawsuits and investigations.

The FBI recently served three subpoenas seeking various financial reports and receipts for Henyard, Village Trustee Keith Freeman and Trustee Andrew Holmes.

Holmes was fired last month by the group Chicago Survivors after being sued by Henyard’s former assistant for alleged assault. Earlier this month, former aide Fenia Dukes released a pre-recorded statement accusing Holmes of having non-consensual sex with her.

Trustees recently hired former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to investigate Henyard and the village’s finances, but Henyard vetoed the hiring.

Henyard said administrators do not have the authority to hire Lightfoot.

“You know it’s a veto,” Henyard said. “How dare you come to someone’s town to work or do something. …Lori knows better than that. …It’s illegal and she won’t get paid for her services.”

NBC Chicago

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