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A California health official had to pull himself together on Tuesday after an Orange County Republican asked him if the COVID-19 vaccine contained tracking devices.

“In the vaccine, we heard about an injection of a tracking device. Is it happening somewhere? Don Wagner, a member of the Orange County Oversight Council, asked the county health care agency director, Dr Clayton Chau.

After a long pause, Dr Chau burst out laughing.

“I’m sorry, I just need to calm down,” Dr Chau said. “To my knowledge, there is no vaccine with an integrated monitoring device in the world. Period.”

A clip from the moment went viral, garnering over a million views online:

The question arose during a meeting of county supervisors to discuss vaccine passports and the continued declaration of a coronavirus state of emergency in the region.

Wagner tweeted earlier this month, he had received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about microchip vaccines have been circulating intermittently online. They have been the source of ridicule and memes that often appear on social media.


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