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Discover Frank Catania’s huge engagement ring for Brittany

Dolores Catania said the family dinner with her ex-husband and their children was a “very important” tradition.

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But it’s also sometimes very surprising, judging by season 14, episode 5 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

During class, Frank Catania showed Dolores and their children, Gabby, 28, and Frankie, 24, the engagement ring he picked out for his girlfriend, Brittany Mattessich.

“You want to see the ring?” » asked Frank, beaming with a smile as bright as the ’11 carat’ sparkler.

“Yes,” Dolores said. “Do you have it on you?”

The next scene that took place at the restaurant was straight out of a lighthearted romantic comedy.

Dolores Catania approves of Frank’s engagement

Dolores and Frank divorcej 26 years ago. Since then, they, I stayed close and I built a solid friendship. In factEarlier in the season, Frank actually checked with Dolores to see if she was OK, he asks Brittany to marry him.

Dolores, who has been dating Paulie Connell since February 2022, was perfectly fine. “Oh, it’s beautiful,” she exclaimed.

Dolores chose the same word when she laid eyes on Brittany’s enormous ring: “Wow!” It’s beautiful!”

See what the huge ring looks like here:

At dinner, Frank described how he planned to pop the question to Brittany on the beach in Costa Rica with a path of roses leading to “a large sign that says, “Will you marry me?” in a heart. »

Dolores, Frankie, and Gabby all loved the idea, even though it was different from how he asked Dolores.

In a confessional, Dolores revealed that Frank proposed to her with the help of a “walking toy pig” from a mall kiosk.

Frank, however, decided to practice his big Brittany moment with Dolores first.

“Pretend you’re Brittany,” Frank tells his ex before getting down on one knee.

“Oh, okay,” said Dolores, who didn’t miss a thing and immediately accepted the training offer.

When she said yes, the nearby diners applauded, so Dolores and Frank told their diners the reality that made everyone angry.

“He’s marrying someone else,” Dolores said. “I’m his ex-wife.”

“I show him what I’m going to do with my girlfriend,” he said. “We’ve been there, done that.”

Dolores dined on anecdotes at a brunch hosted by Danielle Cabral.

“Oh my God,” Dolores said. “Me, Frank and the kids went out to dinner the other night because he wanted to tell Gabby and Frankie that he was getting engaged.”

Dolores explained how Frank pretended to propose to her and how the restaurant went crazy.

“He takes an 11-carat diamond ring out of his pocket,” she said. “He stands in front of me and says, ‘I’m going to ask him like that.’”

TThis story led brunch guests to bring up the fact that Paulie hasn’t proposed to Dolores yet.

“Paulie has a one-up. I know a jeweler,” Jennifer Aydin said.

“Do you want to marry Paul?” Danielle’s friend Kayla asked.

“Paul is going through a divorce,” Dolores said. “It took a while.”

“If Paul proposed to you, how would you feel?” Danielle’s friend Tiffany asked.

“I would love that. I would accept it,” Dolores said. “I’m not asking him about his divorce, but I’m starting to think he’s going to talk about it soon.”

Follow Dolores and the entire cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, airs Sundays at 8/7c on Well done.

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