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Did Hezbollah strike an Israeli Air Force base?

A Hezbollah drone struck an IDF air base in the north on Wednesday, she authorized for publication on Thursday.

The exact nature of the damage is still being examined and other aspects are being kept silent.

The IDF successfully shot down a second attack drone launched by Hezbollah and was looking at how to avoid similar incidents in the future, with a number of recent incidents where drones avoided IDF defenses more than Hezbollah rockets .

Already on Wednesday, Lebanese and Israeli media announced that dozens of rockets as well as anti-tank missiles had been fired at the western Galilee, including the Mount Meron region where the Israeli army has an air base.

No injuries were reported.

Fires rage in northern Israel due to Hezbollah rocket fire, May 10, 2024. (credit: screenshot)

In Lebanon, Hamas claimed responsibility for at least some of these rockets, although it appears that many of their rockets misfired and even injured or even killed local Lebanese.

Continuous sirens rage across northern Israel

Sirens sounded in Rosh Hanikra, Betzet, Meron, Bar Yohai, Shlomi and elsewhere.

The mixed response from Hezbollah and Hamas came after the IDF announced Wednesday morning the killing of a Hezbollah commander, which itself came after several IDF soldiers were wounded in the north on Tuesday, and a civilian Israeli was killed.

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