DHS warns Portland mayor that feds “will have no choice but to protect our American citizens” if unrest continues.


Portland has been the site of ongoing protests fueled by the death of George Floyd and Jacob Blake. While protests have been largely peaceful, the Trump administration has focused on bursts of violence.

“Due to a lack of action throughout the summer, Portland and its law-abiding residents continue to suffer from large-scale looting, arson, and vandalism — even killing. Businesses remain shuttered and Portlanders are held hostage by the daily violence that has gripped the city with no end in sight,” Wolf said in the letter to Wheeler, urging him to accept federal law enforcement assistance.

Wolf’s letter, released by the Department of Homeland Security Tuesday, comes after Wheeler sent an open letter to President Donald Trump declining federal assistance to the city.

Wolf and Attorney General William Barr met with Trump Monday to discuss unrest in cities.

On Saturday night, a man was fatally shot in downtown Portland, amid clashes between pro-Trump groups and left-wing protesters.
Trump has railed against Wheeler for not taking control of the situation, while Wheeler has accused the President of stoking hate and division.

In July, the Trump administration sent federal law enforcement personnel into Portland to protect a federal courthouse in the city’s downtown.

But Wheeler and other local officials claimed their presence escalated the protests and called for their withdrawal as the federal officers clashed with demonstrators, wore military-style fatigues, and made arrests in unmarked vehicles.
Wolf, who had visited the city in mid-July, has defended the actions by his department.

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