Devon Ogden Shares: “I loved joining the cast of General Hospital, watch my scenes this week”

Part one of the highly anticipated appearance of Steve Burton (Jason, General Hospital) on that of Maurice Bénard (Sonny, General Hospital) The YouTube series, State of Mind, was released on Sunday.

In this film, the co-stars and longtime good friends discussed: Steve’s beginnings as an actor, his parents’ divorce and his decision as a teenager to move in with his father, what it was like for Burton when he attended Beverly Hills High School, the beginning of his acting career, and ultimately landing at General Hospitall as Jason Quartermaine.

The duo also explained how, a few years into Burton’s career as Jason, Maurice was cast as Sonny, and at one point, as the story goes, Benard saw something in Burton and helped Steve grow as an actor.

Devon Ogden Shares: “I loved joining the cast of General Hospital, watch my scenes this week”

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Some of the highlights of their talk on “State of Mine” included: finding out what happened behind the scenes that led to the character of Jason Quartermaine becoming Jason Morgan. Turns out it was Burton’s on-screen father, the late Stuart Damon (ex-Alan Quartermaine), who kicked things off when he said something to the powers that be.

Steve shared: “Stuart Damon was a huge advocate for me. He would always go to (the producers) and say, “Hey, give this guy something. It is good. He’s got something.’ He added (regarding Jason Morgan’s character change): “I believe it was Elizabeth Korte who is now our head writer, and I believe it was something between her and Bob Guza ( former head writer of GH). I don’t know who came up with the idea, but what happened was you and I (Benard) started working together a lot off camera as Jason Quartermaine, again. We were breaking down my scripts. Then they made the decision to change my character and have me work with you.

Benard discussed what he called “The Three Amigos” on GH – Carly (Laura Wright), Jason and Sonny, where Maurice sees Sonny as the black knight and Jason as the white knight.

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Maurice later praised Steve for his 1998 Emmy tape in which Burton shared scenes with Kimberly McCullough’s Robin. Maurice told Steve it was “raw” and “one of the best Emmy tapes I’ve ever seen.” Burton won his first Daytime Emmy that year for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Daytime Drama Series.

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Watch the full conversation between Maurice and Steve below. Then let us know what you thought via the comments section below.

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